More than a thousand creatures of the sea thrive on Virginia Beach property. At the Virginia Aquarium guests can catch a glimpse of the wild wonderland underneath the waves. Exhibits are amazing and designed to educate and encourage conservation. The building is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. everyday except during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

In the Bay and Ocean Pavilion seals are slippery and sensational. Harbor Seals Rudder, Hector, Peter and Piper keep crowds smiling with their antics. For those who can’t get enough of these wily creatures the fun doesn’t have to stop. Seals Behind the Scenes provides a wonderful trainer led experience behind the scenes. In the Harbor Seals building participants learn all about the animals from the keepers and get to meet a Harbor Seal up close. Nearby in the Marsh Pavilion River Otters Tippy and Sheldon continue the fun. Rolling about and splashing around these happy pals play all day long. Mesmerizing creatures of the deep, Sanbar and Sand Tiger sharks put on a powerful display further down in the Norfolk Canyon Aquarium.

Set Sail on the Ocean Blue Off of Virginia Beach Real Estate

The mermaids come out on the Virginia Beach property on Mondays. Tales throughout time have proclaimed the sightings of mermaids frolicking through the waves of the ocean. At the Virginia Aquarium these spirited beings swim with their aquatic friends in the Red Sea Aquarium. After watching them gracefully glide through the water, spectators can meet and greet the mystical gals and then indulge in a puppet show, story time and some seaside musical tunes.

A trip to the Virginia Aquarium offers a peek into the wonder of the world’s ocean. For those who wish to delve deeper into the depths boat tours are just the ticket. Go out on the actual deep blue sea with aquarium experts. These folks know exactly where to maneuver to spot whales, dolphins and other inhabitants off the shore of Virginia Beach real estate. Find out more about excursions by boat here.